Who should attend Boot Camp?

Is BOOT CAMP for everyone? No, it is not. BOOT CAMP is an investment and, like any investment, one size does not fit all. BOOT CAMP is only for those GymClub Owners or managers who intend to make a career in this industry: short-timers will not reap value, as BOOT CAMP is not a quick-fix. Also, closed-minded individuals should invest their money elsewhere, as BOOT CAMP’S greatest benefits will come from changes in core beliefs and precepts about the way this industry really works. Experience shows, closed-minded folks cannot accept new ideas presented at BOOT CAMP because it requires letting go of old beliefs.

What about small GymClubs? Can a small operation benefit? Absolutely: the size of your club has no bearing on the value of BOOT CAMP, as it focuses on and teaches a strategy to help you establish and reach your goals. (Note: whereas BOOT CAMP does not presume your goals, it does ‘raise the bar’ a bit, as just seeing the BOOT CAMP strategies in action at Kids First tends to inspire elevated thinking.)

When is the best time to attend BOOT CAMP? Absolutely, before you open your doors! The next best time is NOW! One of the most common post-BOOT CAMP comments is the lament, “why didn’t I attend years ago?’

Summing up, BOOT CAMP is for patient, career-minded professionals who want a smooth running, profitable business driven by employees who care as deeply as you. If this describes you, BOOT CAMP will be the best investment you will ever make. We guarantee it.