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Steve Greeley

Steve Greeley
One of the USA's foremost experts in non-competitive gymnastics, Steve Greeley's Simi Valley California club, Imagymnation, was a model for all who aspire to new and exciting ways of teaching and running a business. Steve is unequalled in creative curriculum, teaching methods, and team building. He has developed what is probably the industry's most in-depth staff training system. In 2007 Steve and his wife Joyce moved to Cincinnati, joining the Kids First family. Steve's co-owner responsibilities include marketing and staff training. Joyce is the Department Leader of the Girls Gym Jam program.

A highly sought after consultant and speaker, Steve's engaging, high-energy speaking style is absolutely packed with valuable and unique ideas and fun.

Steve became an official BOOT CAMP colleague after he attended BOOT CAMP II at which he enthralled his fellow Boot Campers by sharing his amazing staff training systems and teaching methods.

At the 2003 USA Gymnastics Business Leaders Conference, Steve and Imagymnation swept all four national business awards. At the June 2004 Conference, Steve was named Business Leader of the Year. He has also received local commendations in Simi Valley, and state teaching recognition from the California Assembly.

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