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Questions and Answers

Q. Jeff, I need to be sure. Will Boot camp do me any good?
A. Before answering, I want to explain how carefully I consider this question every time someone asks it. The responsibility I feel by inviting guests to invest their hard earned money and a week of their life is so intense that I tend to undersell any individual calling me with this question. Now, my best answer: yes, Boot Camp will do you a huge amount of good IF: you are career-minded; able to consider new ideas; and your business is solvent.

Q. Are there any folks who should not come to Boot Camp?
A. Yes. I have suggested in the past and will continue to suggest that the following people do not consider Boot Camp: (1) those currently moving toward bankruptcy-Boot Camp is not a quick fix; (2) those who have multiple problems and are denying the severity of their problems; (3) those who are 'closed-minded' and not willing to genuinely consider new ways of looking at the world (a la Archie Bunker). Boot Camp is fundamentally based on concepts requiring one to inspect their current ways of thinking. Without open-mindedness Boot Camp will do you zero good.

Q. Jeff, my club is small and yours is so large. No way Boot Camp can really help me!
A. I cannot overstate this-the size of your club has absolutely no bearing on what you will get out of Boot Camp. The ENTIRE Boot Camp effort is dedicated to helping you learn how to build a business which works for you. It is NOT about building another Queen City Gymnastics. In fact, you'll hear me speak about systems at my club which I would not do again and I recommend that others set a different course! Also, keep in mind that numerous Boot Campers have not even started their clubs and are in various stages of planning (an approach I applaud and highly recommend).

Q. Jeff, what if after attending I find that BOOT CAMP is one-half hype and the other half smoke and mirrors?
A. When I tell people that I believe that I should be enriched only if I have helped someone I mean it. Money is simply not important enough for me to accept it if I didn't 'do the job', plus some. If you don't feel Boot Camp gives you value FAR in excess of the cost I will happily refund your tuition (minus my hard costs of lodging and meals).

Q. I understand Boot Camp is expensive?
A. Absolutely not. In fact, it is inexpensive. Not only do you get four days of lifetime business solutions, you also get the BOOT CAMP support manuals and luxury lodging and all ground transportation for those flying into Cincinnati, as well as all meals and an invaluable network of GymClub associates and friends. Compare that to the total cost of a national congress which has a few hit or miss business topics (for congress, don't forget to add in the cost of your lodging, meals and ground transportation)! If you want lifetime business solutions there is only one best place to go in the USA...BOOT CAMP.
Also note: to encourage you to bring a valued partner, key person or spouse-something which is highly recommended-2nd & 3rd persons from your club receive a $200 break from tuition.

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