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Does Boot Camp cost alot?

People sometimes scoff when I say the $2399 BOOT CAMP tuition is not a cost, it is an investment. My question to them is: for a dedicated student, is education a cost or an investment in the future? Not only is BOOT CAMP an investment in your future, it is guaranteed to be the best investment you ever make!

What is the ROI (Return On Investment) for BOOT CAMP? In my life I have attended two pivotal workshops that were priced at about $500 and $3000, respectively. The first one was a preschool workshop in Connecticut in 1978 and, over the last three and a half decades, that $500 has netted me in the neighborhood of 5-10,000X my original investment! The second workshop was an entrepreneurial workshop in Provo, Utah in 1986 and it has given me an equally astounding return on my investment.

What is the Cost of BOOT CAMP in Terms of New Students? Were you to finance BOOT CAMP at market rates, the cost would be between $40 and $50 per month (including airfare). What is the value of one additional student in your club? For the average club that would be about $50/month. Yes, that's right, the breakeven for BOOT CAMP is an enrollment swing of ONLY ONE ADDITIONAL STUDENT! Is your BOOT CAMP experience likely to net you one additional student? Literally, an additional 10 or 100 students is more likely and 1,000 students is not out of the question.

good food tooHow Does BOOT CAMP Compare to other Industry Events? What is the cost for one person to attend the National Conference?: Registration = $300 + 4 nights for an expensive room = $700 + ground transportation in an expensive city = $100 + meals = $300. After doing the math and comparing the education you receive it is easy to see that the very best education our industry has to offer is also the very best value. (Don't forget, BOOT CAMP tuition is all-inclusive).

BOOT CAMP Tuition is All-Inclusive. The BOOT CAMP tuition includes: all ground transportation to and from CVG airport; luxury accommodations at DoubleTree Suites; all meals; the BOOT CAMP manual; the fun; and the famous BOOT CAMP hospitality!

These Regular Discounts Always Apply:

  • Deduct $200 for 2nd, 3rd, 4th people from your organization.
  • Deduct $200 if you are a BOOT CAMP Graduate from any year.

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