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Consultation: Is it Worth It?

Consultation can be invaluable. A well-matched consultant can do more than offer solutions for isolated challenges, he or she can change the entire scope of your business, making or saving you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the five years preceding the opening of Kids First Sports Center I invested nearly $100,000 in consultation fees and travel. Was it a wise investment? Absolutely. As a result of my willingness to invest, I can site expensive  mistakes I avoided and big profit-making opportunities to which I was introduced. Had I opted to ‘go it alone’ and not invest in the experience and wisdom of others, Kids First would not be what it is today.

A good consultant has the integrity to tell you what he can and can’t do. My strengths are in strategic concept, strategic marketing, organizational structure, leadership strategies and systems, practical financial analysis. Topics such as: curricula, information technology, and promotional advertising are best left for other experts.

Please know in advance that I am one of the more expensive consultants in our industry but that is for a reason: my experience and my ability to communicate it.

To Get the Most of Your Investment
Fax or email to me a written agenda 1-2 days in advance to help ensure efficient use of time. Please also supply any and all support data 1-2 days in advance so I can familiarize myself with your situation.

Telephone Consultation
An amazing amount can be accomplished in a well-organized 30 or 45 minutes. I have many clients who make a fairly regular habit of calling me when they have a snarly problem or are designing a system. Efficiency counts, so be sure to follow the suggestions above.

At my site: Kids First Sports Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
This is my preferred arrangement for longer consultations. All support data and documents, financial and otherwise, are at my fingertips and available for you to take home. Additionally, any expertise needed from Kids First Department Leaders is readily available. Weekdays only. Hourly or daily rates apply.

At your site, driving
There is an 8 hour minimum. Included is two hours drive time, one way. Additional drive time is billed at the hourly rate.Weekdays only.

At your site, by air
There is a 16 hour minimum. Included is an additional 1/2 day travel time on a third day. Travel time extending beyond that is billed at the hourly rate. Weekdays only.

Hourly: $200


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