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  • Jeff,
    I thought the “Boot Camp” was everything and more than I expected it to be. You presented so much material in a relatively short period of time, in a very enjoyable atmosphere. I think for many of us new business owners, you showed us the way to make our business work more proficiently by taking the managing of it a lot more seriously.

    I’ve sat down many times to complete this evaluation for you and have found it very hard to describe in words the impact the Boot Camp had on me. Coming from a banking/accounting background, I had very little to do with the sport of gymnastics other than an occasional meet that I attended with Tom. When we opened our center, I remained the behind the scenes “accountant” making sure the business, in essence, paid its bills. By attending your Camp, I felt that I finally became a part of the”gymnastics world.” You and the others who attended helped me to “hear the sounds and smell the smells” of gymnastics which might have taken many years to do on my own. Gymnastics has been a big part of my husband Tom’s life for a very long time and I wasn’t quite sure where I fit in our business; now I know thanks to your Boot Camp!

    I listen to my tapes every once in a while. If I need a motivator or just some back to reality reasoning, I flip in a cassette and redirect. There was just so much to absorb, I feel like I need to listen over and over in order to integrate it with my daily thinking and planning.

    Thanks for a great four days, but mostly for presenting me with the means in which to go forward with our business. It was an experience I won’t quickly forget.

    K, MA
    P.S. It was super to finally meet you. We had purchased our foam floor from you back in 1987 when we opened and you helped Tom out a lot with the quick delivery and suggestions you gave him over the phone.

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